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Despite the 30 seconds of screen time, well-executed commercials are widely regarded as microfilms that have the power to sway opinion, excite, and engage us. Commercials have their own award ceremonies, own superstar directors, and most importantly own identity within the film industry. While commercials can be lavish affairs (Baz Luhrmann’s 2005 Channel commercial cost £18m), they can also be simple and thought-provoking. The commercial industry fosters and creates an opportunity for new talent to use their commercial experience to springboard into other avenues of filmmaking. Ridley Scott, David Fincher, and Zack Snyder all begin their careers in commercials; it is the one area of the industry where directors can start to build a reputation in directing.  

Commercials are made in collaboration with the creative agencies who represent the brand or product being sold. The creative agency conceives the strategy which can be applied to broadcast and online commercials. Often, if the budget is there, a commercial will be shot over a longer period, with two or three versions edited from the material. The 30-second broadcast commercial, and a longer 60-second or 2 minute commercial for online content. With advertising revenue down and the shift toward engaging audiences using branded content on the web, some commercial production companies have built-in or merged with creative agencies.  

As companies diversify, you may find commercials companies advertising a service known as direct response TV. This is a form of branded advertising that asks the viewer to become engaged straightway by calling to donate or visiting a website. Charities, businesses, and DRTV commercial production companies work hand in hand to compelling powerful campaigns either in short or long-form.  DRTV is a very specialized area of the industry, combining strategic marketing and creative innovation.


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